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Income Tax Form

In addition to being able to download and print the Income Tax Form, it is also a fillable PDF form when opened with Adobe Acrobat Reader (Download Adobe Acrobat Reader). To use the Income Tax Form as a fillable PDF, please see the instructions below for assistance.

2021 Income Tax Form (View and print)

2021 Income Tax Form Instructions

FILLABLE PDF: 2021 Income Tax Form – Fillable PDF (MUST be opened in Adobe Acrobat Reader. See instructions below for assistance.)

Exemption Certificate

Schedule X (for Corporations only)


Additional Forms

ACH Authorization Form

Declaration of Domicile

Declaration for Estimated Tax & Remittance

Application for Refund

Abatement of Penalty and Interest


Previous Years Income Tax Forms

2020 Income Tax Form

2019 Income Tax Form

2018 Income Tax Form

2017 Income Tax Form

2016 Income Tax Form

2015 Income Tax Form

Instructions for Opening as a Fillable PDF

As an alternative to filling out the Income Tax Form by hand, we also provide the Income Tax Form as a fillable PDF which allows you to enter your information directly onto the form, the form will complete all calculations for you and allow you to save the completed form electronically for your future reference.

NOTE: In order to activate the fillable functions of the form, you MUST open the above document in Adobe Acrobat Reader (Download Adobe Acrobat Reader). Two options to use the fillable PDF correctly:

  • If you are comfortable with downloading, finding and opening files from the internet:
    1. Download the Fillable Income Tax Form PDF by clicking here or on the “FILLABLE PDF: 2021 Income Tax Form – Fillable PDF” link above.
    2. The PDF will open in your browser in a new tab (window) where you can then download the file.
    3. Open the downloaded PDF titled “Amherst_FR_Fillable_2021.pdf” in Adobe Acrobat Reader. NOTE: In order for the form to work correctly, you MUST open and use the file in the Adobe Acrobat Reader application (NOT the browser plug-in / extension).
  • If you’re not sure where to find the files you download from the internet:
    1. Right-Click on the “FILLABLE PDF: 2021 Income Tax Form – Fillable PDF” link (here or above).
    2. Select “Save Link As…” (or “Save target as”)
    3. A window will open, allowing you to select the location where you want to download the PDF to. Save the PDF in your chosen location.
    4. Do NOT click on the downloaded file from within the browser window, unless you have the option to “Open In Adobe Reader”. (Depending on your browser settings, by attempting to open the downloaded file from within your browser may open the document in a new browser window as opposed to the Adobe Acrobat Reader application.)
    5. Navigate to the folder location where you downloaded the PDF titled “Amherst_FR_Fillable_2021.pdf”.
    6. Open the file in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

If you experience any difficulties, please call the Income tax office for assistance.