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Backflow Prevention

Amherst Water Department is dedicated to protecting and maintaining the high quality of Amherst’s public water supply. As part of our protection efforts, the Amherst Water Department maintains a backflow prevention and cross-connection control program.

Backflow is the undesirable reversal of flow of water, leading to contamination into the distribution system of a public water system. All cross connections pose a potential health risk.

The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency requires backflow preventers to be tested every 12 months by a certified tester. Any backflow device test that does not meet the requirements shall be repaired promptly. This test is required under Amherst Water Departments Cross Connection Control Program, which carries the approval and is mandated by the Ohio EPA.

Common Backflow Hazards

  • Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs
  • Garden Hose, Hose Bibs or any faucet that hose can be connected to
  • Lawn Irrigation Systems
  • Insecticide Attachments to Garden Hose
  • Chemically Treated Heating Systems
  • Private and/or Non-Potable water supplies located on the property
  • Water operated Sump Pumps

Who Must Test a Backflow Device?

If a hazard exists at customer’s public water supply service connection, the customer will be required to install and maintain an approved backflow prevention device. The installation and testing must be done by a certified backflow tester. If you have a backflow prevention device installed it must be tested every 12 months. For a list of certified testers, you may contact the Amherst Water Department at (440) 988-7625 or email backflow@amherstohio.org

Lawn Irrigation Systems

Lawn irrigation systems must have a backflow prevention device installed and maintained. They must be tested every 12 months and/or when the Irrigation system is turned on for the year. If you are not using the irrigation system it must be capped off to prevent use of the system or if not the backflow prevention device must still be tested.

Any customer that is found to be in violation of the City of Amherst’s Cross Connection Control and Backflow Prevention Program is subject to a fine or disconnection of water service.

The Amherst Water Department appreciates your efforts to ensure the safety of the public water system and all of the consumers that rely on it every day. If you have any questions regarding your backflow device, please contact staff at the Amherst Water Department for further assistance.

For more information, read the Ohio EPA’s Backflow Prevention and Cross-Connection Control Brochure