Mosquito Education

Follow best management practices per Ohio EPA, EPA, ODNR Rainwater Manual:

Lorain County Public Health:

Ohio Department of Health:


Mosquito Concerns

Water quality ponds have extended detention times less than the time needed for common vector mosquitoes to hatch (generally 72 hours). But it is still important to design and maintain stormwater ponds in order to prevent conditions most favorable to mosquitoes. When designing and maintaining stormwater ponds apply the following considerations:

  • Avoid stagnant water by assuring there is sufficient flow to support a wet or wetland ponds.
  • Maintain the outlets so that detention does not occur beyond the extended detention period. • Design wet ponds with wetland benches and wetlands with varying depths (mix of deeper water and wetland areas) in order to have improved habitats for natural mosquito predators like small fish, birds, dragonflies and aquatic insects.
  • For areas that will have standing water without wave action or deeper water, consider aeration to prevent stagnation.

Shallow pools are problematic not deep ponds.  We have an aquatic bench which is a best management practice.

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