Treasurer’s Office



Location:  480 Park Ave, Amherst, OHPhone:(440) 988-3745


 Fax:(440) 988-3749
Treasurer's Staff:Office Hours:8:30 am to 4:30 pm 
Richard S. Ramsey, Treasurer  


Karen A. Flynn, Deputy Treasurer  


Laura H. Kemp, Tax Secretary  



The Treasurer's Office is responsible for depositing , reporting and investing all City funds.   The Treasurer is the administrator of the Income Tax Department. 

Pool Passes 

Pool passes are sold in the Treasurer's Office.  Passes for the Anna Schmauch Pool at Maude Neiding Park will be sold beginning the first business day in May at the Treasurer’s office, 480 Park Ave. The office also sells passes during the months of November and December for the holiday season.  You must come into the office to purchase pool passes; we cannot accept applications over the phone.  Please see the Parks and Recreation page for more information.  You may also contact the Treasurer’s office at (440) 988-3745 or email   More information can be viewed on the Parks and Recreation page.

Shelter Rentals

Reservations for shelters at Maude Neiding Park can be made through the Mayor’s office located at 206 S. Main St.  For information phone the Mayor’s office at (440) 988-4380.

Credit Cards Accepted

Visa, Master Card, or Discover Card are accepted for income tax payments, pool passes, shelter rentals, and building permits.  Credit card payments are subject to a third party processing fee of 2.45%.  You must come into the office at 480 Park Ave to make credit card transactions for the pool, shelter rentals and building permits.  Income tax and utility payments can be made online.  See more information on the Income Tax and Utiltities pages.